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Important notice regarding your account!

On 13 September, the City Library changed its database system. You have therefore received a new, empty Onleihe account.
As a result of the changeover, you will no longer lose any Onleihe data in future when your library card is exchanged. Unfortunately however, this time your previous reservations, loans and watchlist entries cannot be transferred and must be recreated by you. Thank you for your understanding! If possible, we will ensure that you do not have to wait too long by purchasing more titles that are in great demand. Media downloaded before September 13 can be used until the end of the loan period.


The online library-service – A New Service For You


Welcome to the online library-service of the public library Cologne. We are pleased to offer you a new and innovative service: In the online library-service you can borrow a great variety of digital media such as e-books, e-paper, e-music, e-audio and e-videos. A multi-faceted spectrum – of specialized books, guidebooks, entertainment, music, children's books, and books for young people as well as videos – offers something for each individual preference.


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